VALUATION - A written assessment of how much a property is worth, by a registered valuer. An appraisal by a real estate agent is NOT a valuation unless they are also a registered valuer.

VARIABLE INTEREST MORTGAGE - A mortgage product where the interest rate can change or vary during the loan term. The variance in the interest rate usually depends on a specific factor such as prime bank rate or the guaranteed investment certificate rate for a designated lender.

VARIABLE INTEREST RATE - Percentage paid by a borrower for the use of funds. This interest rate moves up or down periodically due to changes in other interest rates.

VARIABLE RATE MORTGAGE - A mortgage product where the interest rate is adjusted periodically based on a standard financial index. Also called an “Adjustable-rate Mortgage.” CanEquity has access to the best Variable rate/below prime mortgages in Canada.

VENDOR TAKE BACK - In order to sell a property, the seller will provide all or some of the financing to ensure the transaction.

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